The Witty WordsmithA 30 year career in the travel industry as an agency owner and manager provided me with valuable experience in several key areas. I honed my skills as a communicator and became a stickler for over the top customer service.

 I have been adept at wordplay and using well placed humour as key components to effective communication and problem solving all of my adult life.

 I started out in the travel business as a vacation consultant. This afforded me the opportunity to travel on a number of industry sponsored familiarization trips. I visited Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe for “On The Job” training. I worked at several travel agencies early in my career. When the chance came I jumped on it and started my own agency. It was at this point that I migrated from being a Jack of all trades to being a corporate travel specialist.

While most things humourous hold an attraction for me, wordplay and creatively rearranging famous expressions has always been my hot button.  My love of words can likely be traced to my being a Scrabble affectionado. I am also a voracious reader. Currently I am devouring everything by David Baldacci in the government conspiracy genre, while Clive Cussler rules the world of underwater high adventure. Of course Tolkien has also proved to be very Hobbit forming.

The Witty Wordsmith energizes your advertising and marketing efforts by choosing the right combination of words which highlights your business and sets you apart from your competition. By thinking outside the box, as a skilled wordsmith I add power and style to your message and capture the attention of your target market.

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