CopywritingCopywrite Blues
What do “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, “Limited Time Offer”, “New and Improved”, and “The Lowest Price Guaranteed” all have in common? These exhausted phrases are all past their expiry date and are prime examples of the malaise which might be permeating your marketing copy. Fresh original words will convey the same meaning and will breathe new life into your message.

Unless your business name crystallizes what your business is all about, a tagline is a must have. An adroitly written tag line will explain what you do and accentuate your primary benefits. Have a compelling tagline created just for your business and include it in all your marketing initiatives.

Attract With Tact
You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. This saying is an oldie but goodie. It’s also true. Some marketing campaigns are hostile and aggressive. Dare to be different. Characterize your messages with style, courtesy, and a smile.

To Have And To Hold
You only have one chance to make a first impression. This is absolutely true! How do you increase the odds that your information will be kept on hand? Add practical and relevant facts to your materials. Some ideas include menu specials on a restaurant brochure or a list of major holidays on your business card. My favourite is the president’s special discount. Simply state that a special discount (typically 10%) is offered by contacting the president direct.

Red Carpet Service
Acquiring a new customer is important. Only oxygen is more important than keeping an existing one. Build and cultivate those relationships. Create a basic profile of your customers. Mail them a real birthday card offering an incentive. Email a periodic newsletter to your entire customer list. Send a thank you note for their business, in short, offer them priority Red Carpet Service.

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